Mann Made Turkey Calls


Boat Paddle Calls made from Butternut Or white walnut and Aromatic Red Cedar. Butternut generally comes from the more northern states like Pennsylvania, New York, and provinces of Canada but can also be found in other states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, etc.

The paddle call or boat paddle caller is very useful for locating gobblers. Has a high pitch yelp that tends to make Toms shock gobbler to the call. Also makes excellent kee kees for fall hunting.

The boat paddle call will make just about any sound of the wild turkey with practice, can even be used to call soft with practice. All my calls are also toned to be able to do gobbler yelps by closing off the sound chamber during the stroke of the lids across the arc.

Also you can gobbler on my boxes and paddle calls by quickly moving the lid back and forth across the call.

Basic woods used are Honduras Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cypress, Yellow Poplar, Red Cedar, and Butternut.

Mann Paddle Calls are priced at $250.00 ea.