Mann Made Turkey Calls


Since each Mann Made Turkey Call is unique in itself and individually handmade, it is near impossible to catalog the calls and offer them for sale in Estore fashion.
Because of that...we ask that you please contact us via The Contact Form, or by phone to place an order for one of our Custom Made Turkey Calls.
You may also place an order with our Online Order Form. Which may be filled out on line or printed and sent via US Mail.
  • Shipping and Insurance on all out going calls is priced at $10.00 per call.
  • Payment methods accepted are personal check, cashiers check or money order. No credit cards.
Field Grade Box Calls $200. ea
Signature Box Calls $250. ea
Parquet Paddle Calls $350. ea
Match Set $500. ea
Old Hen $250. ea
Match Design $250. ea
Parquet Calls $350. ea

Mann Made Turkey Calls
Steve Mann
Greenwood, SC.