Mann Made Turkey Calls


Scholarship fund calls, here showing a match pair of maple and black limba calls that I made for my sons scholarship fund that I do every year in memory of my son Steven Mann who was killed in a car wreck in 1996.

At the time he was my only son in my first marriage. The friction call and the trumpet call were donated by other call maker friends who helped raise money for the auction. Gary Anderson and Marlin Watkins.

Steven was 17 years old when he died, he was coming home one night and hit a patch of ice in the road and lost control and hit a tree in a ditch, his head hit the steering wheel and he was killed instantly.
Steven loved auto mechanics and art and each year myself and a few other call makers make a set of calls to be auctioned off the highest bidder.

The money raised goes to the winning recipient each year, and is rotated each year between art and auto mechanics.
I do this in his memory every year because he was a wonderful son and loved to help others.

Also I have a list of 25 people that I make a limited edition call for each year. These 25 people get the same number call each year as long as they stay on the list. These calls are sold for $350.00. If someone wants to get on that list they put their names on a waiting list and if someone drops off they get on.




Below: Match pair made from Canary Wood and African Mahogany